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1. Loud - View Content Page


The responsibilities of college would have been enough for Jmac, but when opportunity comes calling, he answers. Now he's balancing his personal life and his career as an entertainer. He needs to ready himself for the one thing he never saw coming, success.


2. Push - View Content Page


When Rosella entered the world of fashion, she never thought it would be so cutthroat. And that was before she met the dangerous and mysterious Serenity. Now she has to contend with a life she never planned for, a life of crime.


3. Truth or Double Dare - View Content Page


A ten year high school reunion is a time for celebration- and terror. As a group of friends tries to recapture the carefree fun of their youth, they find that their choices are not without consequences. Once the bodies start piling up, a simple game becomes a matter of life and death.


4. Worst Kept Secret


A student and her professor's illicit affair starts attracting attention. What started as a fling, becomes something much more for the secret couple, and eventually changes the lives of everyone they meet. They thought they could keep their relationship a secret, but the more people who find out, the more their lives come crashing down.


Future Projects


1. Serenity


Serenity thought it would be a simple job. She thought she wouldn't grow attached. But after befriending the woman she intends to rob, she's pulled into a tangled web of good intentions and deadly mistakes. In the end, one person will be rich, one person will be dead, and one person will be forever changed. It was never going to be a simple job.


2. Compatible


Some people focus on their careers. Some people want to start a family. Others are looking for a good time. How do you know if you've chosen the right person? Two couples will question every decision they've ever made as they learn what it means to be compatible.


3. The Sabbath


After hearing an unfortunate diagnosis, one couple must look to the future. One man looks to better himself, not realizes it's already too late for his relationship. What started as an affair is turning into something more real. At the center of it all is Pastor Spencer, who has the power to make the choices that will irreversibly change the lives around him- and maybe even the power of life and death.


4. Last Christmas


For Aiden Westbrook, Christmas was a magical time. It was a special day when his family got together to focus on him, the baby brother. By the time he was eight, his older brothers had already moved on. 15 years later, it's Aiden's turn to plan Christmas for his family, but he has a secret. A secret that may make this the last Christmas the Westbrooks ever celebrate together.


5. The Day After


When a celebrity dies, the world mourns their passing. But what about the people who depend on the celebrity every day? When a beloved rapper is suddenly killed, his entourage must make some tough calls. Can they go on without him? What happens the day after a tragedy?


6. Ditch Day


Willie is on his last leg with his boss. If he misses another day, he's getting the axe. But Willie isn't going to miss the big party of the summer. He's got a plan. What he didn't count on was his boss, who's out there on the hunt for him.


7. To Live and Die in the A


While New York and L.A. fight out their rivalry, Atlanta has been laying down quality tracks since 1992. From Snap Rap to Trap, this documentary takes a look at the the musicians of the A.


Web Series


1. Single


Alicia, Amber, Ginnifer, and Lyric are very different people, but they have something in common. They're single, they're in their 30s, and they're members of the Single Ladies Club.